Frieze Projects

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The artist talks about her performance for Frieze Projects which reflects upon the history of Bay Street Beach in Santa Monica, where Black people were able to find a safe haven during the early to mid 20th century

19 FEB 23

The curators of this year's public art program share their themes and highlights, from Chris Burden's 40-foot skyscraper to Basil Kincaid's wrapped airplane

18 FEB 23

Curator Pilar Tompkins Rivas talks about Sanchez's special commission for Frieze Projects

28 FEB 20

Images from the curated program on the backlot of Paramoun Pictures during Frieze Los Angeles 2020

26 FEB 20

Frieze Projects artist Tania Candiani reflects on American history and present with her durational performance at Frieze Los Angeles 2020

26 FEB 20

Artists Trulee Hall, Kori Newkirk, Patrick Jackson and Catherine Czudej talk us through their commissions at Frieze Los Angeles

06 MAR 19

Reflections on Tino Sehgal's Frieze Project at Frieze Los Angeles

BY Jennifer Piejko | 20 FEB 19

Curator Ali Subotnick talks about the Frieze Projects program installed across the backlot at Frieze Los Angeles

17 FEB 19

With immersive artist projects and films, alongside pop-ups from creative enterprises, non-profits, magazines, restaurants and bars

16 FEB 19

Take a look at the inaugural edition of the fair

15 FEB 19

Frieze Los Angeles opens to the public: here’s your guide to some of the highlights

13 FEB 19

Frieze Projects artist Lisa Anne Auerbach takes us on a tour of LA mysticism

14 DEC 18

Artistic Director of the Dhaka Art Summit will ‘open up experimental possibilities’ across the Frieze Artist Award, Live and Frieze Film

26 JUN 18

Queer manifestos, speech acts and gestures of the past come alive in performances at the fair

09 OCT 17

An immersive, ever-changing installation exploring Angolan history by the winner of the 2017 Frieze Artist Award

09 OCT 17

South London perspectives on stereotypes, power and ideological systems

07 OCT 17

An insight into the so-called Freedom Village in the Korean demilitarized zone

06 OCT 17

An immersive, musical performance - the artist’s first in London for 10 years - premieres at Frieze

05 OCT 17

Characters. Impersonations. Rumours.

BY Matthew McLean | 09 MAY 17

The Italian artist discusses her career and performance La Spia Ottica, recreated at Frieze Projects New York 2017

29 APR 17